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Dear Executive Leggett, Montgomery County Council Members and the Montgomery County School Board,

We are Montgomery County residents who are concerned with our county’s involvement in the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program.  Nationally, the program has been criticized by civil liberty groups (e.g., the Brennan Center for Justice, ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild) as well as prominent community-based organizations like the NAACP, CAIR, the Arab-American Institute and Amnesty International.

As detailed in a resource by the Arab-American Institute, “CVE addresses a problem that is proportionately small within the landscape of domestic terrorist threats, is based on disproven theories of radicalization and serves to stigmatize the Arab American and American Muslim communities.” It also preys upon underage youth, one of our most vulnerable populations, through the public high school system.

Because of the stigma and suspicions created by CVE, vulnerable populations can potentially be further disenfranchised from the very institutions that they need to rely on to help provide them more resiliency. This seems counter-intuitive to making Montgomery County safer.

We respectfully ask that you dismantle the CVE program in Montgomery County.